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Summer in South Africa

Summer has arrived and South Africa is the best place to be. In Johannesburg the Jacaranda trees have turned everything purple, as they do every year around this time, and the bougainvillea are in full bloom. The city smells of jasmine and everyone is in a good mood! The first thunderclouds are coming and soon we’ll have those late afternoon storms, intense in mood and over as quickly as they come. It’s an exciting time to be in the city.

In Cape Town the beaches are filling up and there are colourful umbrellas dotted all over the sand. The ice-cream sellers are back, ringing their bells with a vengeance, and caramel crunches are in high demand. On the mountains the proteas are out in all their glory and the fynbos is smelling sweet. It gets light around 6 am and it’s starting to get dark later and later. By December the sunset will be around 9 pm, making the days long and lazy. The dogs are enjoying the weather, the dams are full after the winter rains and the swimming is sweet!

And in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, the sea is warm and delicious. Summer in Durban can be hot and humid and people come out in throngs at night. The beachfront is always busy and the restaurants serving fresh prawns, crab and langoustine, are always fully booked. Durban is one of those underrated cities in South Africa; it’s alive and vibrant , has divine beaches, great food, fab markets with incredible spices and is definitely worth a visit.

In the Kruger National Park and the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, the days are getting longer and hotter. The animals are out earlier in the morning and later at night, avoiding the 40 degree midday temperatures. Game viewing is amazing after the dry winter as the grass and bush are sparse, making game sightings excellent. A good place to hang out between game drives are at the waterholes, where elephant, lion, zebra, giraffe, warthog, leopard and impala all come down to drink. Avoiding the hippos if they can, and often, one another. Summer is amazing for photograph opportunities in the game parks, and there are many close and exciting animal encounters.

South Africa is expecting an unbelievably busy December and we cannot wait. Tourists are coming from all around the world and we are going to welcome them with open arms and open hearts. Give us a call to arrange your summer holiday and your summer safari. We know all the amazing spots, beautiful hotels, exciting lodges and of course, the best ice-cream sellers in town.

Sandra, Thandeka Africa

+ 27 079 192 4557

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