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Your dollars go far in South Africa

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Do you have any idea how cheap it is for overseas people to travel in South Africa? There are over 18 Rand, our local currency, to the US Dollar. THAT IS INSANE and brilliant for travellers. It means you can come on holiday, stay in gorgeous places, eat lavish meals, drink the best wines, do all the sightseeing, shop up a storm, and honestly, have just a small dent in your wallet.

In this blog we take a look at holiday costs in Cape Town. In the next, we focus on the costs of safaris.

Hotels in Cape Town

A decent hotel like a Radisson Red at the V&A is approximately R 3000 per room per night with breakfast, around USD 165 for two people. That is a full on hotel with good restaurants, a swimming pool, fab rooftop bar, well positioned and close to everything. The Marriott in Sea Point is around R 2200 a night, approximately USD 122 for two people, also in an incredible position.

And then there are stylish small guesthouses and boutique hotels, which I love selling. They are affordable and great value. Welgelegen is one of my faves, Kensington Palace is divine, and there is the marvellous Noah House. I won't bore you with figures, but the prices are excellent and you can easily settle in and stay a while!

Of course there are the super luxurious hotels too, the Cape Grace, The Silo and Ellerman House, and these are costly, sometimes like oh my gosh costly, but at 18 to 1, manageable for the more wealthy traveller. And all the hotels offer special deals so it's always worth taking a look. (through me, obvs...)

Eating in the city

Cape Town is known for its food scene. Last night I was treated to a meal at Yu, an Asian Tapas bar. The meal was delicious with good wine, a great vibe and at R 400 a head, not bad. USD 22? La Perla, one of our iconic restaurants with excellent food, service, sunsets and people watching, R 700 a head, three courses with wine, expensive but affordable for the person with dollars. And there are so many cool restaurants where a good meal is just USD 15 or so per person. South African food is creative, delicious, an occasion, and yo, CHEAP FOR YOU GUYS!

Also, a full on meal at GOLD Museum, where you get an African feast with drumming, dancing, song and story telling is just R 450. I actually want to go here, never been, hello GOLD please read my blog!

There's of course fabulous dining in the Cape Winelands, but I think you get the drift re prices. We prebook for our clients, as per their taste and budget.

Sightseeing in Cape Town

This depends on how you choose to see Cape Town. I always organise overseas clients a private driver / guide for a few days, the easiest and best way to see the city, plus you have someone with you who has excellent knowledge. Costs are around R 4000 for a full day, that is USD 220, and if there are a few of you in the vehicle, really not hectic. But there is also car hire, Uber, the My City bus and some of our trains are back working which is fab.

The cableway up Table Mountain is R 390 in the morning, R 320 in the afternoon. Do the maths, divide by 18, cheap. Visiting the penguins at Boulders Beach, R 150. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, R 210. Hiring a bike, R 90 an hour. Kayaking, R 500 for two hours. A harbour cruise, R 120. And so much is free, walking the promenade, hiking the mountains, lazing on the beach, watching the Salsa dancing on a Sunday night...

Mail me

Send me a mail if you want to travel. I'll work out an itinerary according to your budget. Prices do change depending on the season so let me know when you want to travel, how many you are, and I'll do the rest. And hope the exchange rate stays in your favour!

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