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Why you need a Tour Operator in South Africa

Travel is wide open again and the good news is that tourists are literally flocking to South Africa. I walk the streets of Cape Town and hear Dutch, German, Spanish, Hebrew and so many beautiful languages and accents. I see people exploring on their own and I see people exploring with guides. It makes me so happy to see the tourist guides back at work and of course to see all our hotels busy again. It is easy to travel to and around South Africa, luggage does not get lost here and the exchange rate is on your side. Right now there are almost 18 rand to every US dollar.

The internet has also made It is easy to for travellers to make their arrangements on their own and so they don’t really need a Tour Operator to help. Or do they? I think they do. Because as Tour Operators we manage the trip, silently and skilfully, behind the scenes. And things do not go wrong.

Feel safe while you travel.

I work with FIT, meaning individual clients, and I work with small groups. I co-ordinate and prebook everything and what I do, behind the scenes, means everything works according to plan. I arrange the airport / hotel transfers, accommodation in five star hotels, boutique hotels or guesthouses, and I book private guides for sightseeing, or car hire. I arrange safaris and plan every every little detail. I will prebook dinners or theatre, give info on art galleries, or make wining or walking or hiking suggestions, as per my client's interests. And as a Tour Operator my clients never need to worry. They know someone will be meeting them at the airport. They know they do not have to battle with data or finding a local sim card to try and get an Uber. They know their hotels really are booked and reconfirmed! And they know I am always available to help them.

And it is nice to have a reassuring voice on the other end of the phone.

Not everyone wants to be micro managed and Tour Operators, me anyway, have learned to read our clients and our clients needs. And while many clients think it is cheaper to do their own bookings, actually, it costs the same. We get great deals, we network, we have contacts, and we book everything from start to finish, meaning the traveller does not need to stress. Everything runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Am I punting myself? SURE! My little Tour Operator has been in business for 25 years and I love selling South Africa. I know all the beautiful places and would love to share them with you. And I am good at my job.

x Sandra

079 192 4557 (South Africa)

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