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Travel to South Africa in the time of Covid-19

Most of my clients, incoming travel to South Africa, come from the USA. The last year and a half has been difficult, with international travel almost coming to a standstill. But slowly, things are returning. There are once again daily flights from the USA to South Africa, direct or via Europe, all the hotels and lodges have re-opened, and business is back to a new kind of normal. And it is a pretty good new kind of normal!

What does travel mean in this day and age of Covid-19?

When travelling from the USA into South Africa, passengers need to arrive with a Covid-19 negative test. This test must have been taken within the 72 hours prior to arrival. And then our laws are such that masks must be worn in public places, social distancing is still expected, and so is regular sanitising. We make it easy though and pretty much everyone adheres to these regulations.

Most travellers from the US to South Africa are going on safari. Game lodges are the perfect place to be during a pandemic. You are outdoors all the time, dining is under the stars or under cover but outdoors, and it is really easy to social distance naturally. A safari is the best place to get away from everything, and in our next blog we will touch on the best South African safari lodges to visit. The lodges have adapted well, there are less people on the safari vehicles, and the animals are extremely welcoming too! They, after all, hardly saw a single visitor in a long time. The Big Five are waiting!

When you depart South Africa, you need a Covid-19 negative test to go back to the states. Again, we make this seamless for you. You get tested at the lodge that you are at, ensuring little inconvenience and that you get your test in plenty of time to go back home.

Visitor are not just going on safari. Cape Town is seeing a whole bunch of international visitors again, and being Cape Town, one would hardly think there is a pandemic. But people are careful, and again, the law is that you wear masks in public places. It’s a beautiful time to visit, there are tons of specials, and we encourage you to come.

Hopefully soon there is a vaccine passport. For now, you need a negative test to come and to leave. It's easy though and we are here, 24/7, to help you with any aspect of your trip, to ensure it all goes smoothly and to ensure you have the most fabulous safari and holiday.

Send us a mail.

Tel:- 079 192 4557

Send us a mail.

Tel:- 079 192 4557

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