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Pablo's, Johannesburg

When Pablos Eggs Go Bar closed down in Melville, I was heartbroken. Sad for the staff, sad for me, shattered and oh so lonely. My days of red shakshuka were over, my little egg soldiers on toast were gone, my corner was empty and who was I going to say hello to every morning.

Pablo’s had brought life, dogs and Yemeni flatbread to the hood. I loved them and the poodles, princesses and panamas that rode in with them. People queued for hours over the weekend. Diners came from Morningside and Glenhazel.


Pablo’s did a lot of good stuff for the hood. I loved them. We all did.

And then boom bang they were gone. Overnight, pandemic, recession, lockdown, I am not sure in what order. I felt like I’d lost a lover, okay really fresh hummus, organic avocados, turmeric shots and a semi-clean corner, but still, it was a loss.

And I mourned.

Until they popped up on my Instagram.

In Sandton.


Whaaaaaaat. How dare they? I was betrayed, bitter, twisted, furious, I hated them, this was one grudge I was never going to let go of.

Until I had a sugar crisis. And happened to be just around the corner from the Mint Hotel where they are now based and where there is plenty of parking. And where I could see a bit of green velvet, a flash of pink, a little brass, a couple of organic eggs, beautifully dressed patrons, COCKTAILS, skewers of prawns staring at me, a sofa and oh, Louis always had a good eye for sofas.

Reader, I was forced to go inside. And eat. And eat some more. And try their cauliflower dip. And chocolate cake. And take some hummus home. And vow to bring my swimming costume next time because they have a pool and it’s summer and their food is flippin’ delicious and so is their service.

I was really glad to see the owners Louis and Leigh, a lot of their old staff, beautiful furnishings and my old lover, Mr Red Shakshuka.

I have semi-let-go of my grudge. My own little corner is looking not too shabby. Lots of new places have popped up in Melville. There is space for everyone.

And the new Pablo’s is pretty marvellous. It’s worth getting into your car and driving to Sandton.

I did it and so can you.

And you don’t really need a sugar crisis.

N.B. They have a fantastic boutique hotel in Melville, Pablo Guesthouse.

Call me.

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