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A South African holiday in a pandemic?

South Africa is going to be the perfect holiday destination this year. Like travelling anywhere in the MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC, you need to be aware and you need to be careful.

But we really are a good place, and here is why:-

  • A safari is probably the safest thing you can do.

  • Outdoor spaces, beautiful game reserve, the bush.

  • Few people, lots of elephant, a couple of lion.

  • Buffalo, birds and bees.

  • Great wine.

  • The ocean, beaches, forests, mountains.

  • Gorgeous small hotels, Covid-19 aware and friendly.

  • Private guides are brilliant, Table Mountain is OUTSIDE!

  • The winelands are spacious.

  • We have tons of outdoor sculpture.

  • The garden route has dolphins and whales.

  • It’s easy to social distance.

  • It's easy to avoid big cities.

Because it is a huge consideration, and it is important to discuss this, our private health care system is good. Of course you need health insurance but our private system is excellent and you will have access to excellent doctors and excellent care, IF you need it.

We will do our best to make sure you never need it.

Something else to consider:-

  • Our prices are insane.

There are so many specials on right now, and they will be ongoing for the year. We need tourism to return. We went you to visit. And we know you will have an astonishing holiday.

So what would be the ideal holiday in South Africa at this time?

  • 5/ 6 nights on safari

  • 4 nights in the Cape, Cape Town and/or the Cape winelands

  • Self drive through the garden route, small, spacious, safe, stunning.

  • An extension to the Okavango in Botswana

  • An extension to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Our second wave of Covid-19 is coming to an end. Our numbers have dipped quickly. Vaccines have arrived in the country. Like everyone else, it is a difficult time. One needs to be aware at all times. But we are aware. Our hotel industry is being amazing. Our guides and drivers are super careful.

And we have your best interests at heart.

Mail me, Sandra, and I will tailor make the perfect safari and holiday for you.

Now, in a few months time, or even, for next year. It's never too early to plan a dream holiday.


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