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Fly high in Cape Town

One amazing thing to do on holiday in Cape Town is a tandem paragliding flight. The flights take off from the top of Signal Hill, they are safe and well regulated, and wow, what a great experience they are. I did it for my sixtieth birthday, yes I am sixty, and I would do it again tomorrow. There is nothing difficult about it although my heartbeat did elevate quite a lot as it is thrilling and daring and I was like oh my goodness I am really flying, and then, GOSH, the silence and the beauty, with the sheer magnificence of Cape Town and the mountains and oceans all around, becomes quite overwhelming.

Paraglide off Signal Hill

If you have your own car you can drive up Signal Hill, which is a beautiful drive anyway, take a bit of time at the top watching the other paragliders take off, and then, book your ticket. And you can book it in advance, of course. If you don’t have your own car we can arrange transport and a guide for you. The cost of the paragliding excursion is currently R 1300 (USD 72) and it comes with a video, although my advice is ditch their video and take your own camera up there with you. That way you are free to photograph anything you want and are not reliant on someone else. You won’t drop your camera; at least, I didn’t!

The actual flight is quick, maybe eight minutes in total, ending off with a bit of a spin over the ocean. If you are with a friend they will be transported down the mountain before you take off, so they can wait for you and take pics as you come down. It is well organised, brilliant, and as long as you are under 135 kgs, that is quite a lot, well worth doing.

There are some brilliant adventurous things to do while you are in the Cape. Paragliding, abseiling, mountain climbing, hiking and canoeing. We could add wine tasting as thrilling too! Thandeka Africa can book it all for you, including your Cape Town hotel accommodation.

Be brave and have the experience of a lifetime.

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