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God Bless the Gautrain

There was chaos when I landed at Johannesburg ORT Airport two months ago. I had to elbow my way through throngs of passengers trying to find their way home, taxi touts swore at me and I swore back extremely well, god bless masks, and then I got caught up in a taxi / Uber war and it was horrible and I gulped and wept and cried and absolutely hated my homecoming.

This time I had the most seamless experience. I flew back from Cape Town to Johannesburg, landed 20 minutes early for which I thanked the headwinds, picked up my beautiful vintage luggage for which I thanked the second hand vintage store, and followed the signs that said TRAIN.

It’s quite a walk, GREAT, I got in my 2000 steps, purchased a ticket and within two minutes was sitting in a cool, comfortable and socially distanced train.

I opened my computer to write this story, arrived in Sandton on Paragraph Two, changed trains effortlessly, wrote Paragraph Three on the way to Rosebank, my son picked me up from there and hello kind of lovely Johannesburg, I was home within the hour.

Why did I not do this last time? It cost half the price, I did not have to swear once and it was 3 billion times less stressful.

Johannesburg’s Gautrain works brilliantly. It’s safe, clean, comfortable, and they take Covid-19, social distancing and masks really seriously. You don't have to go outside the airport and there is no need to confront touts and it's just so damn easy.

Whether you're local, or international, use the Gautrain for trips to or from Johannesburg ORT airport. You can use Sandton or Rosebank stations and then arrange an Uber, or a friend, to take you to your hotel.

And of course I will book your hotels for you, and all the other travel components too.

Welcome to Johannesburg!

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